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It's interesting to see how churches are fixpoints in most pictures.

People rarely tear down a church, churches in many places especially in Nordic countries where often the only "real" building in town as they were initially built by Lutheran missionaries you can see the same thing from very old pictures in Iceland you'll see a village with pretty much only turf(sod) buildings and then a more or less modern (for it's time) church. IIRC the first masonry building in Iceland was a church, won't surprise me if in many of the more remote parts of Norway and Sweden that would be the case, unlike Iceland Norway and Sweden have had at least plenty of timber and didn't had to build houses out of patches of grass...

Whilst you're completely right, it's also worth mentioning that in Norway, quite a few (a dozen? two dozen?) of old wooden stave churches were (tragically) burned down in the 80s and 90s by, amongst others, arsonist members of the black metal scene.

A lot of churches in the UK have been converted into houses or business premises.

The churches are the only constant whilst the landscape and towns chances around them.

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