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Wild conspiracy theory - London is becoming the playground of world elites. So security is paramount. These bills are not to keep pedophiles at bay but to prevent some forms of "London spring" of the underclasses or other forms of physical harm towards your friendly neighborhood billionaire that could damage real estate prices. The conservatives goal is to make elites know they are safe here so they could switch to lower profile security details.

I have no better explanation why UK is pushing so hard on its own populace.

> I have no better explanation why UK is pushing so hard on its own populace.

My explanation is that we're reaching the final stage of capitalism -- its inevitable collapse -- and they're going to need some way to keep us all from climbing the fences of their gated communities slitting their throats in the night.

It'll probably work, for a little while.

Except London's class warriors seem to be more interested in attacking cereal outlets than billionnaires.

Banking without encryption?

From the text there is exception about banking - it is said as legitimate use of encryption. The explicit goal is to prevent the plebs from communicating in secret.

> I have no better explanation why UK is pushing so hard on its own populace.

Maybe the tories are just plain evil?

Maybe there doesn't need to be a grand reason and explanation behind it all, maybe they just have a hunger for harming others?

The core of legislation is proposed to the Government by the upper echelons of civil service. Those Permanent Secretaries et al don't change when a new Government is elected, unlike the US, so they can play a long game.

Here's the current chap at the Home Office,


It's not just the Tories. The Home Office is always full of cryptofascist authoritarian loons.

Doesn't matter who the serving minister is - the agenda and means are always the same.

This type of meme simply hurts the quality of politics and pushes us towards the type of highly polarised governance that the US suffers from. Politics should be a nuanced process but that's so much harder when each side holds that the others are simply malicious. An interesting writeup of a Tory meeting the protestors at this year's Conservative party conference brings that home: http://www.conservativehome.com/platform/2015/10/george-gran...

But it's not just others. I'm sure Tories are just as vulnerable to blackmail, theft etc as anybody else.

The bill appears to have the full support of most Labour MPs too..

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