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That may become the fastest journey across the Gartner trough of disillusionment that I have seen. So it answers Fred Wilsons's question at http://avc.com/2014/09/the-bitcoin-hype-cycle/

From Wilson's blog you'd conclude the opposite though, that the speed of the journey across the Gartner trough of disillusionment had been much slower and dragged much deeper into the trough than he'd been expecting at the time.

Wilson thought it was "well into" the trough phase by Sep 2014, with the price around ~$400 after one mini-recovery proved illusory. It then halved again, and has taken more than a year for this latest mini recovery to take it up to the heady heights of the bottom of Wilson's "trough"...

That trough sure looks long compared with that brief late 2013 spike.... http://www.coindesk.com/price/#2010-07-18,2015-11-03,close,b...

I think it's far more like this:


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