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Secret Space Program + Black Budget. Deal with it.

Exactly. These projects are "in name only" and designed to funnel money to hidden budgets (e.g. to fund CIA operations).

If certain individuals can launder money in such a way, what's stopping them lining their own pockets? Almost by definition they have no oversight...

Absolutely nothing, and it's been happening since the CIA was founded. An example of profiting off secret doings: http://www.slate.com/articles/business/the_dismal_science/20...

That's not a direct "money laundering" caper, but it's still an example that "high minded public servants" and other deep state folks can see their way clear to making a profit from a coup.


Catherine Austin Fitts lays it out right here:


She also insinuates that the floods in New Orleans were constructed to wipe out evidence of mortgage fraud around 1:16:55. There were several insinuations of this nature (regarding 9/11 and such) made in passing without (for presumably obvious reasons) any evidence to back it up.

She seems like a very competent auditor / investment banker / what have you, but frankly a link like that should be accompanied by a disclaimer. Fill a vat with all the salt you can find in your immediate and surrounding area and bathe in it while watching. That being said I don't doubt her numbers or her experience in government. I just wish she could present it without making me cringe at her delusions every 5 minutes.

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