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What's the relation between Docker Swarm and Hipache? Is Hipache discontinued? Is Swarm built on it? Is it compatible?

Also, is it possible to make Swarm answer to the same client IP with the same backend server during a 'session'? This is very important for database applications where the sync after each write may take some time and you don't want the UI to show different states from different servers until the system has settled. Hipache AFAIK doesn't offer this, IMO the biggest downside of this.

Hipache is a reverse proxy, swarm is for managing/scheduling a cluster of docker engines.

Well, when I think of a cluster I think of load balancing and failover - for which you can use a reverse proxy such as Hipache. So I don't quite understand how this is not related. The way I understand Swarm, it could be just a higher level abstraction built on top of that?

Load balancing and failover are generally a requirement in clustered environments, but are really different jobs. LB's "schedule" connection requests, cluster schedulers schedule the things that those connections are going to (and probably the LB), makes sure they are up and running, etc.

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