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I think CDN is over-kill/hype. If you do everything right, all you get is better latency.

If your dynamic site loads slower then a static site, you are probably doing needless database round-trips, redirects, synchronized writes, or html rendering.

Yeah, caching HTML directly on a CDN basically only gives you better latency.

..Which in turn gives you better page rank. ..Which gives you more traffic.

But that's it.

..Well besides that it also gives you lower bounce-rate. ..Which means higher conversion. ..Which means higher ROI.

So there's that.


That is best case scenario ... But probably a premature optimization. You also have to look at time to first byte, total time, and client rendering time.

If it takes like ten seconds to render the site on the client, then 10ms gain on connection time wont help much.

Test tool: http://www.webpagetest.org/video/

When all css, fonts etc are cached on the browser client, then there's almost no gain with CDN.

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