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Nuclear energy is very expensive when adjusted for building the plant. Companies building those plants know this and their usual tactic is to severely underbudget, knowing that a government cannot refuse to pay because it is committed. The Olkiluoto plant in Finland was estimated at €3bn before start and at the most recent revision the estimation was €9bn with a 10 year delay. The plant is not yet operational and I expect there will be even further delays. Don't drink the nuclear cool aid.

Exactly. Most of the numbers and arguments in this article are made up. Has there been a single nuclear plant built anywhere in the developed world on budget? They all end 3x-6x the budget. Decommissioning those is extremely expensive as well.

Nuclear waste is a huge problem. The nuclear industry always has magical solutions 20 years in the future. The US ends up melting that waste into Depleted Uranium weapons and dumping them on the Balkans or the Middle East (killing millions in the long term).

A single accident at an NPP can kill millions of people. How much would that cost? E.g. a Stuxnet clone can destroy complete states/countries.

> "killing millions"

Do you have a source for that?

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