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I skimmed, but I think this is missing the value of the land that people won't be able to use in case of an accident. A semi-permanent mass evacuation isn't cheap.

Well, we're definitely making the whole planet unusable just by producing energy the way we are today.

Not even counting CO2, yearly coal production is like having nuclear meltdowns all the time. Mercury, uranium, particulates, lead, heavy metals, and arsenic.

Unusable by some species of life in their present habitable zones. Climate change is going to seriously screw around with humanity in unpredictable ways. But don't worry about the planet. Earth will be just fine.

contrast, however, with the results of a tanker spill or oil-drilling disaster like Deepwater Horizon.

Also note that more nuclear waste enters the atmosphere every DAY from coal burning than in the entire history of nuclear power generation excluding Chernobyl.

Of course they should add the cost of those to the spreadsheet as well.

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