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In the teams I worked with, there was thankfully no Perl-generated anything (but I know my boss had to deal with that with a couple of the other teams reporting in to him). We had plenty of Perl on the backend, though, and the US billing team constantly breathing down our neck to do their OneRewriteToBindThemAll in PHP (they had been working on that for a while when I joined in 2003, and were still working on it when I left beginning of 2006; it was a laudable goal - there were something like 8 billing systems worldwide at that point - but it took them a lot of time to figure out how to unify all the international requirements).

The funny thing was that on the instances I heard Rasmus talk, he complained we were taking it too far - he wanted simple PHP templates, not the kind of large PHP applications the US billing team and others were doing. He sounded quite exasperated about it last time I was at one of his talks.

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