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I was looking for the same thing, so I built it. It's a WordPress plugin that outputs a static copy of your site to a ZIP or a directory of your choice. The thought being that you put WordPress on a subdomain (e.g. wp.example.com) and have the main site (www.example.com) served by the static copy.


It's still a work in progress (it launched a little over a month ago) but the feedback so far has been positive.

I did something very much like this for a while. I'd use WordPress to create content on my laptop, then I'd crawl my own site using wget to collect the results and push those up to the real website. Turns out there are a few gotchas that simply-static didn't address, but I wrote a blog post about my experiences here.


The older posts on my site were all converted this way, though the newer ones are done directly in Pelican.

Crawling your own site to output a static site seems so simple it is genius. Set up a cron job every X minutes. Just... so... simple. I will do this!

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