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Show HN: React for Beginners (reactforbeginners.com)
178 points by wesbos on Nov 3, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 43 comments

Thanks everyone - this kind support means a ton to me.

Is it okay to post coupons on here?

Ok! Use the code LAUNCHDAY for an extra $10 off today's price. Enjoy!

Hi Wes,

FYI, when I applied the coupon and it registered the reduction to $49 (Masters Package) in the field, but was charged $59 at checkout.

Shoot me an email and I'll get it all fixed up - wes@wesbos.com

Thanks much for the quick reply Wes! You're the best!

Nice. Just bought the Master Package using your coupon. React has always been on my to-learn list.

Hey Wes. You mentioned there is a student discount. How much are the packages after the discount?

This is really great Wes, thanks for creating this and providing great launch day pricing + a HN code!

I've been posting a lot of learn react articles lately as I have been ramping up on this stuff so the timing is absolutely awesome!


Yes - please do :)

Interesting package but I'm curious about the choice of Firebase. Seems like Firebase's data binding model is antithetical to the patterns React encourages (unidirectional flow/Flux).

Without being an ass or criticizing the course (which seems very cool) I find it very strange that an experienced Javascript programmer would have a hard time learning React. Not that I am some master in it, but I've learned the basics on the official tutorial and some bits here and there over the internet and tweaking with it.

Also I don't think a begginer course will make everybody a master on the topic.

The website is called React for Beginners, not React for Experienced Javascript programmers.

And aside from that, react is very different from what a lot of experienced javascript developers may have worked with. My team works with CanJs, it would be a big leap to go from that to React, experience be damned.

You learn the basics, you don't learn how to structure your files, best practices in React and such. That's why I, an experienced javascript developer, bought this course. I intend to use React in a Meteor app.

This looks great - producing a video course like this is very different from writing a book. Did you find the transition difficult?

Thanks for the additional discount!

I much prefer video over writing - that said this videos series took about 200 hours of work start-to-finish. Lots of work, but I absolutely love it.

Thank you for making this. I've been bouncing between Udemy, random blog posts and official docs for over a month now. This looks perfect.

Should probably use Webpack instead of Gulp + Browserify.

I just started on http://survivejs.com/ which does that. Have yet to make a comparison with React for Beginners though.

Care to expand on this?

Webpack is awful.



Anything like this involving redux?

This is great. Thanks!

Like this in what sense? https://blog.andyet.com/2015/08/06/what-the-flux-lets-redux is on my readlist...

Very cool... Happy to support this type of project, signed up for the master package. Will finally dip in and check out React.

I didn't see anything about automated testing? Is that covered in the course?

What does one actually build with this course?

I have some experience with building a small React app but I can't determine from your site whether or not this course will refine my skills at all.

Straight from the website:

"Together, we will build “Catch of the Day” — a real-time app for a trendy seafood market where price and quantity available are variable and can change at a moments notice. We will build a menu, an order form, and an inventory management area where authorized users can immediately update product details."

Did you even read it?

This looks great, I'll buy. +1 for Redux coverage (I'm sure it ridiculously difficult to keep any kind of React learning material up-to-date!)

I don't think there's any Redux coverage in this course

Here's the quote from the site:

Does this video series cover Flux? Redux? Fluxible? Reflux? Alt? Flummox? Marty.js? McFly? Lux? Material Flux? Nuclear.js? Fluxette? Flipity Flop? Fluppity Floop?

React is amazing in that there are many libraries that work really well with it. While those libraries are fantastic, they may add unnecessary abstractions when learning.

So, this course is focused on you absolutely nailing React and walking away feeling confident in your understanding, hungry to learn and build more.

Great. I've been working through the pluralsight react courses but I liked your Sublime stuff and am excited to give this course a look!

I see a lot about reactjs. Am I able to built a multi state SPA with it? If so would this course be enough to get me started?

I'm trying to buy the Master Package now.. but I can't find the buy link.

EDIT: Can't buy when using Safari so I used FF

Thanks for making this! Just signed up for the master package, can't wait to start watching the videos. <3

I thought the guy in the picture was Ewan McGregor! What is this course using for the backend?

Ahah - everyone says that.

The backend for this course is Firebase. It's all done client side and Firebase handles the authentication and data handling!

Just bought the course, I'm pumped! I want to really grok React to use in my Meteor apps.

How did you buy it? No links on the page..

EDIT: Doesn't work in Safari on Mac

Sold! I have been looking for something like this for a long time. Thanks!

Does it include React Native too?

Do you honestly think it would include React Native videos without mentioning it on the site?. If you sell something you squeeze all the features

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