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The more important problem it solves is security. Caching can easily be handled by adding something like Cloudflare in front.

What local static site generation with html,js,css pushed to remote server solves is giant problem of insecure code.

> more than 70% of today’s WordPress installations are vulnerable to known exploits (and WordPress powers more than 23% of the web).

I did some consulting for a company that was being destroyed by wordpress installations being hacked. When they first started offering wordpress for a blog option (blogs were not their main offering) the threat profile was different. Fast forward six years and they were getting hacked daily.

I recommended that they move their wordpress blogs to flywheel, and have flywheel manage wordpress for them. It worked and they were able to focus on their main offering, the real reason customers were paying them.

Services like flywheel are one answer to the problem of insecure CMS code. The other, and better in my opinion for a lot of sites is to run the CMS locally, keep the database local, and push the rendered code to the server.

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