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Endless Sky: Open-Source Escape Velocity Successor (endless-sky.github.io)
94 points by paultyng on Nov 3, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 21 comments

I have played several hours of this game, and I don't know whether it's just that I'm older now, but the gameplay only kept me interested for about five hours. (As a child I played all the Escape Velocity games for months on end.)

Everything dies far too fast for combat to have any strategic element. And (in the build I last played, anyway) trade prices are static, so you just need to find that one good trade route and run it until you're insanely wealthy.

But I am excited to see how it develops further. The potential for the main game is big enough, let alone mods and total conversions.

Had the same issues. Once you have enough ships you end up being able to buy another one each round trip of trading. There is no reason to even have weapons since the ships jump to the next system so fast. Even then if all the pirate ships decide to target your ship you can die extremely fast with the best shields available. So I end up removing all the weapons from the new ship and just adding more cargo space. Then reloading when I am basically instant killed.

Anyone else remember using ResEdit on original Escape Velocity plugins? Probably my first introduction to hexadecimal as a kid, heh. Loved the game (and meta game of discovering how to tweak things myself) and excited to try this out.

Yes! Using ResEdit to upgrade my ship and change game dialog was my intro to hex & tweaking programs. It was thrilling to find snippets of storylines I hadn't played yet and adding weapons like the forklift that I had never seen during real gameplay.

Speaking of ResEdit, does the resource fork still exist in modern MacOS incarnations?

I still remember that I used to rip the graphics of Escape Velocity (Nova) by simply copying them out of the resource fork of some file (was it the executable itself?).

I also remember that my teenage self had a hard time writing a utility that copied files over a network, since I had trouble serializing the resource fork (or coming up with the idea of serialization).

Last time I checked, the filesystem (HFS+) still supported resource forks, but in OS X they're neither necessary nor sufficient for their intended purpose. In classic Mac OS this was the only way to bundle parts of an application together and present them to the user as a single file. In OS X, that's done with plain old directories.

Discovered EV only recently, but the modding tools reminded me of my experiences with StarCraft back in the old days - also my first serious introduction to a lot of stuff, including string tables, "virtual file systems" and hex-editing properties.

If you want more flashbacks, I made an album of some recent attempts at classic Mac development: http://imgur.com/a/scNE2

Included are screenshots of ResEdit, Resourcerer, CodeWarrior, and more.

Oh man, love it! Thanks for sharing...that Copeland theme though. :)

Yep! That's pretty much how I got my start in programming. :)

Used it the remove the shareware block (Capitan something )..

Hector! (named after the office parrot of Ambrosia Software).

This reminds me of [Silent Death Online](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BvgxDCbZxE). I went looking for it again about a year and a half ago, and I ended up looking into how it might get recreated, with a modern free software twist. Perhaps, something like: [ShootR]( https://github.com/ntaylormullen/shootr), [purescript-asteroids](https://github.com/waterson/purescript-asteroids), and [multiplayer pacman](https://github.com/hdgarrood/multipac/).

Nova was spectacular. I played through every storyline, hacked with ResEdit, and generally had a blast. Years later, I'd still start a new game and build up my favorite ship (a speed-focused Pirate Starbridge armed to the teeth with fusion pulse cannons).

I wonder if the real successor to EV is EVE.

This sounds really exciting; I'll definitely try it. I loved (and bought) EV: Nova, and have been pining for something similar (an open-world, multiple-storyline, space opera/trading/2D-adventure game).

I tried playing X2 and X3 for a while, and they gave me some of that open-world space trading experience I was looking for, but I never got into them as intensely as I did with Nova. Maybe they were a bit too serious?

Anyway, thanks!

There's also Naev; seems to be in active development given that I keep getting e-mails from their Github repo pretty much daily (I subscribed some time ago hoping to contribute, but then got sucked into less useful stuff like $dayjobs).


Another (free, but not open source) game like this that's been under very slow development for a long time is Transcendence:


Yet another similar game I can recommend is Stasrsector[0]. It's still in alpha, but is playable, enjoyable and moddable.

[0]. http://fractalsoftworks.com/

I can very much recommend this. Keep starting it up every few months and having days of fun with it again. Combat is really polished! Actually, the entire game is.

this is so awesome.

Loved the EV series and recently bought Nova again just for nostalgia sake. wish I had known about this project first! Quite happy with it.

EV, one of my favorite games of all time! Will try to check this out if I ever get time. :)

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