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Twenty20 | Los Angeles, CA (Marina del Rey)

At Twenty20, we believe that authenticity matters. Almost 2 billion photos are uploaded to the internet each day, but brands, marketers, advertisers, and other creators are still shackled by the ancient inventory of traditional, staged, boring stock photography. Twenty20 is changing that. Our team's mission is to provide access to the most authentic imagery on Earth.

With a growing community of over a quarter-million photographers, and customers like Google, Uber, Viacom, and Birchbox, to name a few, we're on a mission to change the world of stock photography forever.

Want to know how we operate as a team? We are guided by our mission and steered by metrics. We focus on the one thing that matters today. Along with a strong bias for speed and learning, we strive for excellence and elegance. We believe in being open and honest with one another. We believe in obsessing over our users, not our competitors. We are a perpetual work in progress.

We have openings for fullstack software engineers (Ruby experience a plus) as well as openings on our mobile team.

We're also hiring some non-technical people! Operations/finance, product management, design, and account managers.

Our job board is here: http://www.twenty20.com/jobs

You can also email me (our lead recruiter) at john[at]twenty20[dot]com :)

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