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Bitfusion.io - Automatic acceleration We're hiring for several positions in our Core and Cloud technologies groups. Check us out online.

Performance Engineer Austin, TX We are looking for an experienced Performance Engineer to help deliver best in class hardware acceleration using modern GPUs, CPUs, and other advanced coprocessors. Role responsibilities include development of dynamic and automatic optimization technologies using hardware acceleration, defining and implementing benchmarking methods, as well as performance tuning, optimization and root cause analysis. A successful candidate will play a key-role in delivering unique end-to-end solutions for customers and helping to define the product roadmap. Strong problem solving and out of the box thinking a must.

Cloud Engineer Austin, TX We are looking for an entrepreneurial DevOps & Cloud engineer who is highly technical, has a hands on approach, and is very passionate about the code they write. Candidate should be an excellent team player but should also be able to work independently. At times candidates will be expected to work with very little direction and may be tasked with leading entire projects. You will have significant influence on our overall strategy by helping define the product roadmap, features, drive architecture, and take ownership and responsibility over new projects to make them happen. The candidate is expected to be a collaborative and proactive member of a fast paced agile development team. Willing to stay up to date on latest industry innovations and capable of translating those into actionable best practices and techniques for the company. Capable of analysing business requirements and technical specifications to architect new solutions. Passionate about continuous integration, test driven development, and experienced in writing automated tests.

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