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Sr. Scala Engineer @ NordstromRack.com/HauteLook.com - Full-time, ONSITE in Los Angeles, CA (Downtown)

Requirements: * Talented Scala developer who excels in software design and execution. * Works well with team environment and is invested in making the team better and delivering the best possible product for the company.

Why this opportunity is really cool: * Get to work on massive scale: we at NordstromRack.com/HauteLook.com represent the online/off-price division of Nordstrom, and we are its fastest growing division. * Get to work with small, conversational team that is _agile_, rather than "doing Agile". * Salary will be genuinely competitive relative to abilities and experience. * Get to build a lot of new stuff with: * Scala: virtually all of this team's our coding is with the Scala langauge * Akka-based actor systems * Lift web framework * Spark * We are doing virtually all development with AWS and Docker for this team. * Our management (all the way up to our President) is realistic about, responsive to feedback about, and invested in technology. NordstromRack.com/HauteLook recognizes and rewards quality results, which is unique for an established company of our size.

Role: * Compensation will be very competitive on the basis of abilities and experience. * Would be part of recently formed Search & Personalization team that has ambitious goals for our members' ecommerce shopping experience. * Scale is giant, NordstromRack.com/HauteLook.com represents the online/off-price division of Nordstrom, which is its fastest growing division.

If interested, please email me your resume (and feel free to include github username) to jamie.swain@hautelook.com (hiring manager). Of course let me know if you have any questions I can answer first too.

Thanks! Jamie Swain @jpswain

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