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REMOTE | Pasadena, CA | QLess (http://www.qless.com)

Waiting in line sucks. We're working to eliminate waiting in line, and have saved users over 1,200 years of time so far. We make it easy to get in line with a text or app, and then be notified when it's your turn, so you can use your time as you see fit.

I've been working at QLess for about a year now and love it. The team is all remote so you have the freedom to work from where ever you want (typing this from South America right now). My coworkers here are very smart, dedicated, and welcoming, and it feels good to work on a product that helps people save time every day.

Hiring a Java Software Engineer, see http://www.qless.com/careers/java-engineer/ for more details.

Also feel free to contact me with any questions: craig at qless.com

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