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Clustree – Paris, France or REMOTE anywhere – Full time

Clustree is the first big data driven decision making solution for talent management. We revolutionize human resources in large companies giving them the evidences they currently lack to support their decisions. We just raised 2.9M dollars and won the DisruptHR competition last week.

We work on cool problems with microservices using Python, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, Spark (lots of machine learning!), Docker and Kubernetes. We offer true remote: I work from Reunion Island and only travel to Paris twice a year.

Engineering positions:

- QA Engineer: https://www.hellohired.com/clustree/jobs/606-q-a-engineer

- Data Scientist: https://www.hellohired.com/clustree/jobs/603-data-scientist

- Software Engineer Back-end oriented: https://www.hellohired.com/clustree/jobs/604-software-engine...

- Software Engineer Front-end oriented https://www.hellohired.com/clustree/jobs/605-software-engine...

- HRIS Software Engineer (not remote): https://www.hellohired.com/clustree/jobs/681-hris-software-e...

We did not really know what to expect when posting these job offers. It turns out that we received much more applications than expected!

We decided that before expanding our engineering team to all timezones, we would first consider timezones that are +/- 2 hours from Paris time. As I said in another child comment, we do have (non-technical) employees in the US, but we changed our mind about technical employees for now. Sorry, this is not in the job offer itself: it's no longer possible to edit it.

I am interested on knowing a bit more about Clustree. I worked for the past 2 years as a Data Scientist at an HR Startup in NYC and really loved it!

Sure! Please send an email at hello@clustree.com and mention HN.

Do you accept candidates from outside of France? Do you have anyone working with you in North America?

Yes, and yes.

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