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BackNine | Los Angeles (LA) area | Full Time, ONSITE | http://back9ins.com

BackNine simplifies the selling of insurance by allowing insurance brokers to quote, apply, plan, and summarize their insurance.

We are looking for a smart and creative front end or full stack engineer. Full time and in house.

We are built on:

-Ruby & Rails 4

-Heroku & AWS

-AngularJS, NodeJS & Bootstrap 3

-git and GitHub

-MySQL & Redis/Sidekiq

What we offer:

-Competitive Comp

-Small engineering & development team, large impact

-Opportunity to partake in technical decisions and use new technologies

-BYOT - Use whatever tools you work best with. The only forced tool is Unix -- be it OS X, Ubuntu, or whatever else.

-Bootstrapped company and the benefits that come with it.

-A beautiful office near top schools, beaches, and great living areas.

-Of course free snacks/drinks & equipment you need to do great work.

Please email reid@back9ins.com and CC noah@back9ins.com with links to your GitHub, StackOverflow, Code Snippets, Blog, or anything else of importance.

Resumes are good but we want to see what you are capable of as well.

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