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Dungeon Robber (blogofholding.com)
62 points by rtpg on Nov 2, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

For those on mobile, it's a Flash "emulation" of a paper-and-dice dungeon crawl game published by Gary Gygax in Dungeons & Dragons magazine in 1979.

Very cool. The idea of visualising the algorithm as a map is neat but a little hard to follow. A real map showing progress would be cool.

I can't eat food and thus keep dying when I have food in my inventory. I got asked 1 time (f)ood. Can't figure out how to use food at a time that suits me.


This is great. Would LOVE an iPad version of this. It is the kind of thing I can just mindlessly play on the airplane or something to kill an hour.

This sounds like the original iteration of 'losing is Fun'.

Needs a [flash] in the title.

Ah, that's why it wasn't working.

Turned on cookies - nope that wasn't it.

Turned off Ghostery - nope that wasn't it.

Closed the page.

Why? It's readily apparent when you go to it.

Not on my phone. I get a black screen with an unreadably tiny adobe flash logo at the top.

+1 # I'm not a fan of "plus ones"

Flash!? It's 2015!

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