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I hope it's not a fools errand, as I'm currently attempting to do just this. I have a SaaS product that currently profits about £400/ month, and I have about £20k saved. I'm aiming to be living from my web app in 9 months.

If you're interested I'm doing a completely transparent blog series about my progress - https://blog.bugmuncher.com/2015/10/22/from-side-project-to-... and https://blog.bugmuncher.com/2015/10/22/from-side-project-to-...

Hi Matt, the second link gives me a 404, but loving the honest writing in the "I'm Scared" post.

could you please tell us suspense or do we have to wait for other month? :)

That's for your links. It will be good for me to follow along.

Do you think a manual sales approach would help you? Like, find customers you think would like your product and cold email/call them.

I do think it's a good option, as I only need another 6 subscribers to the top end plan to reach profitability. In fact I've recently been trying a cold email outreach campaign, so far I've only sent about 90 emails, 50% open rate, 12% clicked through, but no sign ups. There will be more about that in part 3

Thanks for this. One of the reasons I come to HN is to get good advice and see posts like this :) I'll be following your project, good luck!

Your timeline is very realistic and I think you will succeed.

Thanks for really nice article.

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