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So I actually don't live in SV, and very much live outside the VC/SV hype train.

What I mean is that you have these options:

- Odesk (yes, it's terrible, but it's an option)

- Remote work (weworkremotely.com)

- Finding a single business in whatever town you're in that has a website, and wants it to be better, and is willing to pay you to do that

Also, when I mentioned doing your own thing, I meant bootstrapping something. Find some inefficiency either you know about, or something someone you know knows about, and charge people to solve it. While creating that service, you can work other jobs to pay bills, but again, the probability that you:

1) Actually make a successful business

2) Gain skills that enable you to remote work/do something else in the field

is wayyyyy higher than just about any other field (right now).

No matter where you are, the cost of starting an internet business is so much lower than a traditional one that even if 9/10 fail it might still be worth it.

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