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Because we're not Vulcans?

People just love, it's a thing that human animals do. Questioning love is like questioning your elbows, or that you sneeze. It's part of being human.

You can "question" your emotions, though there's a better term for it: self-reflection. It's necessary in order to build Emotional Intelligence.

By polarizing your options -- making the "software" feeling of love as factual as the "hardware" bodily part, and equating the absence of love to an imagined sci-fi notion (an apparently emotionless being) -- you have effectively shutdown any inquiry into love itself.

Note that Vulcans from Star Trek universe actually felt emotions - they experienced them so strongly that it pushed them into perpetual state of savagery; they lifted themselves up as a civilization when they learned a philosophy and a training regimen that let them grab complete control over their emotions and keep them in check.


> grab complete control over their emotions and keep them in check

This is what is wrong with the concept of Vulcans (when applied to human goals). Controlling emotions and keeping them in check (which is what most healthy normal humans already do to various extent anyway) is not the same as having them not arise in the first place.

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