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There's another extension that does something like what you propose called one-tab: http://www.one-tab.com/ Those that use One Tab seem to love it, and if it fits the way you want to work...great! One concern with what you propose is: Doesn't this just end up moving the problem from having a disorganized pile of tabs to having a disorganized pile of bookmarks? For my style of working, I find I have certain anchor pages for a topic or project that I refer to regularly. Although I also open many tabs, I wanted an easy way to discard these ephemeral tabs but get back to my base state of anchor tabs. The "Revert" functionality in saved windows helps with this: http://antonycourtney.github.io/tabli/tabli-usage.html#rever...

It does convert the problem from a giant mess of tabs to a giant mess of bookmarks, but at least bookmarks don't use much CPU/RAM.

I was thinking of installing The Great Suspender, but not all my tabs are ephemeral, but I guess it has a way to configure domains it shouldn't suspend, so I might try that together with your extension.

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