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It would be nice to see a table with HN members and their startups next to them. Does anything like this exist?

There was a thread called "What are you working on?" here http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1032699 and someone suggested the topic come up periodically, which I thought was a great idea. Even better, I think, would be if pg would add a 'Projects' link up top and the projects of members could be listed. The list might be sorted by vote, or perhaps randomly, and refreshed daily.

This is a brilliant idea.

I took the liberty of creating a wiki page for this, figured it would be easier than clicking on users' profile pages all the time to see what they were working on. Hopefully we can get some users on there in a more organized fashion.


grab here: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1032699

you could have a syntax so that once someone leaves a project, you'll go back and scan their HN profile for changes. Or else just a way for someone to leave their username and the site will go out and scan the profile page, either once or periodically as per user setting (which can even be on the HN profile page)

Yes, there are several lists. The most complete one was done in 2009 in a Google Docs spreadsheet. I have a hard time finding it again, thanks to Google not allowing you to download these docs...

If anybody can find it, please post the link here and then someone should email pg jeromec's suggestion of having a project page. At the end of the day HN is all about collaboration and inspiration so that would help a lot, I think.

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