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Every business wants publicity especially for good things. Why be torn over it. The employees at the corporate level were already enjoying the day off. So should the retail staffs. They can make it up other ways. I used to work at a company who depended on black Friday and cyber Monday, because their products just weren't that attractive on their own. rei customers aren't really the the type who are overhyped about sales anyway. They are more of the relaxed functional types.


> I'd be a lot more impressed if REI put up new signage in their stores beneath all "sale" signs that said, "Don't buy this because it's on sale. Think about whether you really need this item. You may have already have something that can be repurposed or repaired and completely obviate the need to buy this item at all."

But wouldn't they then be accused of the kind of reverse psychology PR they're already being accused of?

Surely any other people can prepare one day in advance or adjust their outdoor plans so that REI employees can all take the day off?

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