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Crazily fast hashing with carry-less multiplications (lemire.me)
94 points by robinhouston on Oct 26, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

Oh come one. Comparing CLHash against CityHash and SipHash only? CityHash was replaced by FarmHash some year ago, and only python uses SipHash with its outrageously bad performance.

The fastest and mostly-secure 64bit hash functions are Metro, Spooky, xxHash64 and Multilinear-HM by the same author. See "Strongly universal string hashing is fast", Daniel Lemire and Owen Kaser, 2014.

CLHash doesn't even pass the avalanche test from smhasher https://github.com/rurban/smhasher I'll add it there for better comparison, with the new leader falkhash: https://github.com/gamozolabs/falkhash

Amusingly, this complete hack using the aesenc instruction claims 0.08 cycles per byte on haswell: https://github.com/gamozolabs/falkhash

Interesting how horrible the result may be when you use TDD for hash algorithm development.

Lemire's work always pops up in regards to high performance or data compression. The paper is interesting and I learned about a new field of math. I especially admire the FOSS implementation of the theory, which is often missing from many academic papers.

Makes me think there's a lot more improvements to be had with the much larger and specialized instruction sets we're seeing nowadays.

How does it do under SMHasher (a library to test hash quality)?

The paper (http://arxiv.org/pdf/1503.03465v7.pdf) goes into that section 6.1, which Lemire mentions in a comment on the post--summarizing as best I can:

CLHash, the hash the post is focused on, passes all except the avalanche test for strings <8 bytes, and could be made to pass it by adding a bit-mixing step to the end (that provably doesn't make random collisions more likely, since it's an invertible transform on the hash).

Interesting work, I'll have to read through the universality proofs more later. :)

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