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Steve Keen is a very interesting hetrodox economist that I highly recommend to HN.

He is very difficult to categorize: he is a liberal Australian academic who is an admirer of both Keynes and Hayek, and has built upon and synthesized both of their work. He does a lot of computer simulations of economies using real-world behaviors (e.g. mark-up pricing) and has generated results and opinions that are guaranteed to annoy pretty much everyone.

He blogs at Forbes (which is funny, given his politics):


And has a great book out that takes on classical economics:


If you're going to mention Keen, you should note that his true hero and influence (reflected in the name of his analytic software) is Hyman Minsky, a rather underappreciate 20th century economist (not to be confused with the AI researcher Marvin Minsky, whom I'd initially referenced, since edited):


Yes, Keen does abstract from both Keynes and Hayek (who's among the less-strident Austrian School types), but neither are his primary focus.

Thank you for mentioning that, I should have pointed it out in my initial comment.

To be fair, Keen neglected to mention it in the entry as well. Interesting, as he frequently does.

And he did conspicuously mention Hayek.

I had never heard of him but the title of this article is beyond a literary device- it is bait-and-switch. It is dishonest. You expect this from from shifty clickbait websites hawking beauty tips and lists of top 10 ___ "they" dont want you to know about. But you cannot take anyone serious who writes an article like this.

The title is a joke. Yes, it's provocative, but give the guy a break: he's a small time economist at a second-tier university in an island nation who is saying some of the most interesting things about economics in the world today.

You would be doing yourself a disservice not reading his stuff based on a blog post title.

Well, your description of him hits a little too close to home so I guess I have to give him a second chance.

Also I wrote "hawking". haha.

Yes, clearly a baity title. We changed the HN title to better reflect what the article argues.

The argument itself is interesting, so let's all focus on that now.

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