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Hey, I just picked up that book, and I'm really looking forward to reading it. Taubes' also has a video up.. I may post a link.

Anecdotes are not evidence, but for me, it's been 13 months. Triglyceride count is 40mg/dl, and I seem to have avoided four serious flu epidemics, the last around christmas (so my white blood cells are low). I do very little exercise, tomatoes once a week (bloat afterwards), eat cheese and cream, but no milk. I also noticed the reduction to being hungry only twice a day.. imho, that counts as basic intermittent fasting though (if you skip the morning meal).

Unlike the caricatures in the article (and Taleb, from another somewhat sardonic writeup) I don't take it very seriously.

As for the digestive part, this is quite remarkable, and I can only explain it by saying that everyone (or at least me) is borderline coeliac/lactose-intolerant.

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