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In our framework, we have for a very long time had a Q.Pointer class which contained functionality to normalize things between touchscreens and non-touchscreens. Among other things, it had the "fastclick" event: https://github.com/Qbix/Platform/blob/master/platform/plugin...

There is far more than simply relying on a "click" in touchscreens. For example the "touchclick" event is for those times when the keyboard disappears because focus has been lost in a textbox, but the click will still succeed: https://github.com/Qbix/Platform/blob/master/platform/plugin...

Also, drag-drop is broken in touchscreens WebKit so you have to roll your own, and much more.

You're better off using a library.

Cool.. as a side note... 10k lines in that file, is it maintained like that? I know modularizing and things like browserify have an overhead, it just seems excessively large for a single source file (was scrolling up to the top, so that I could star the project to look at later).

I'm not trying to attack or being negative here... just a bit surprised.

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