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All these controls sound very similar to those in my current year Mercedes...although i would be hopeful that the autosteer on offer here is better than the Distronic plus "lane assist" in the Merc, which while OK, does not do a great job on less than gentle turns above 50km/hr (but its actually great below that speed - to the point I wonder why i'm even in the seat, in particular in stop-start traffic situations). It certainly sounds similar from the "hands must be on the wheel" requirement.

I look forward to the next step up from all the car makers, which is clearly the car driving on its own in a much more confident way, with the driver simply there to manage exceptions as opposed to being 'assisted' by technology as is with the current implementations.

The hands must be on the wheels part is a CYA statement. There are many videos released today that show that you really do not have to have your hands on the wheel. Mercedes' system requires driver input every 14 seconds.

I wonder why 14? Lucky for dwarves?

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