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So apparently Square and Box have both raised about the same amount of money, roughly $550-600MM [1][2], but somehow Jack Dorsey still holds 25% and Aaron Levie wound up with ~ 4% - Does anyone else find that surprising?



No. Jack was a co-founder of Twitter, so it was a completely different game for him. Levie was a nobody with an idea, and had to raise at almost egregious terms at times to stay alive.

Well square started after Twitter was successful right? So Jack probably had enough personal money to finance a lot of Square. Was Aaaron Levie rich before starting box? I'm on mobile so I don't know the ans Ed to that, but it sounds logical at the moment to me.

Box was also forced to print shares for Coatue and other late-stage investors who wanted a guaranteed liquidation preference in exchange for awarding the company with a unicorn label https://pando.com/2015/01/09/ipo-of-last-resort-box-has-no-c...

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