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Anyone know how well the lane change feature works in heavy traffic?

I for one would hope Autosteer isn't engaged in heavy traffic...although ability to autopilot during a sig alert on I10 in downtown LA on a Monday morning does sound worth the price of the car and then some

TACC in heavy traffic is worth the price of admission alone, I was shocked at how much unconscious cognitive load there is associated with stop and go traffic.

You still need to pay attention but I definitely felt much less exhausted after they rolled out that feature. Really excited to see how autopilot performs.

Has anyone made a TACC add on for normal cars? The self-driving stuff I'm reserving judgement on, but a cruise control that would let me automatically match the speed of the car in front of me would be awesome. I've wanted one for years...

Subaru has had that technology for years. It came to the USA models about two years ago. They call it "EyeSight" >> http://www.subaru.com/engineering/eyesight.html

Hmm... Looks like Mazda also has something similar. Mazda Radar Cruise Control. I wonder if I can get it set up on my car....

Volvo has it.

Disagree - Adaptive cruise control has been liberating for me to know that if heave traffic comes screeching to a halt at just the minute I glance away, the car will recognize it and brake accordingly.

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