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> Drivers must keep their hands on the steering wheel.

This seems odd, my understanding was that drivers needed to "check in" every so often, not handle the wheel at all times.

It seems like it'll create an uncanny valley between real control (the car immediately reacts to every little movement) and soft control (the car kinda-sorta follows what it thinks your intent behind the movement was; sometimes ignoring small deviations). I'm really curious how it feels.

In my car, the self-driving forces are very weak, so it feels more like you're driving on rails. With one hand on the wheel, it's not jerking your hand around, it's softly nudging you to do the right thing, keeping the car in the lane.

I think this requirement might be for legal reasons and compliance with DMV rules.

It actually doesn't though - it's just a CYA legal sentence thrown in.

They don't want you surfing the web on your Microsoft Surface yet. :)

Patience young Padawan.

Wow...no sense of humor, I guess.

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