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Since it's magnet, did it break the electronic devices the "lifters" were carrying?

Why would it?

I was thinking something like this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yEu2R1gYSs

Also some credit cards have warnings to not put near magnets, but maybe the magnet's not strong enough to do damage

Magnetic force decreases with the cube of distance from the source. Which is to say that it would take a ludicrously strong magnet at arm's length to do any damage to credit cards in their back pocket.

There's some context not obvious in that video: The machine as a whole fails, yes, but the only part of it that malfunctioned was the hard drive. The rest of the electronics in there are solid-state, and won't (okay, will be, but only minutely, and not enough to cause failure) be affected by the magnet. Your cell-phone is magnet safe.

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