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Cool idea, terrible acting. I feel like the "wow" factor in his audience was really killed by the awkward way he made it look like he was pushing a button and waiting for something to happen, instead of struggling to "lift" the hammer while he waited for the thumbprint to register.

I knew a guy that made a lightsaber that only he could use. Part of the act was that only a "real Jedi" can activate a lightsaber. He used a neodymium ring and a hall sensor. The trick was seamless.

With all the people getting magnets implanted subcutaneously, that would be an even better trick!

This would end badly - around this Thors hammer, it would rip them right out through the skin.

And this is why I will never get a magnet implant, despite the wicked cool ability to sense active AC power lines.

As would an MRI, presumably.

What about implanting an NFC chip and having the hammer stuck to a holder/floor as-is with a strong magnet?

I agree. I think dressing up as Thor and playing up the crowd the way you suggested would have gone a long way. Also putting the fingerprint scanner where you one actually grabs the handle from, somewhere midway on the shaft, would have been a better design.

If you like this kind of stuff, check out Colin Furze's youtube channel. He does some similar experiments, and is very entertaining.


It is kind of terrifying seeing him operate so many machines with his tie dangling around his neck. He obviously knows his way a round a shop better than I do but I always thought neckties were no-nos in the shop.

Wearing them still isn't a good idea, but clip-on ties will at least break away when they get caught rather than forcing your head into some machine...

From the constant cuts to extreme close-up, I'm betting he puts on the tie and collared shirt for talking-to-the-camera shots (and one or two per episode where a machining tool is on, but he's carefully away from it) and takes it off most of the time when he's actually working.

A wireless remote hidden in a shoe or something may have been a better idea. Struggling to lift the hammer doesn't really fit Thor, either.

A simple disguised mechanical switch would have worked much better. Set it up so you have to push the handle down before pulling it up to disengage the magnet for instance.

lol. It's a great geek thing to do. These completely random acts of technology is how great things are born, believe it or not.

Indeed. This is also the kind of thing I would really like to be doing. Alas, $dayjob. :<.

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