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I've actually been looking for something related. I need to quickly classify if an image contains a face and also if it contains any text. The former seems to be relatively straightforward, but I haven't found anything for detecting text, only OCR'ing it which I don't need. Anyone seen anything like this?

I haven't tested this, but the package https://github.com/subokita/Robust-Text-Detection apparently implements methods described in the paper "Robust Text Detection in Natural Images with Edge-Enhanced Maximally Stable Extremal Regions." by Chen, Huizhong, et al. (http://web.stanford.edu/~hchen2/papers/ICIP2011_RobustTextDe...), which sounds like it might be the sort of thing you want.

In particular, the figure on the first page of the paper shows detection (not OCR) of a textual logo in a photo.

Awesome, thanks! This should be fairly easy to wrap for Python I think.

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