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Well.... this is depressing -

Mattermost server is made available under two separate licensing options:

- Free Software Foundation’s GNU AGPL v.3.0, subject to the exceptions outlined in this policy; or - Commercial licenses available from Mattermost, Inc. by contacting commercial@mattermost.com

"To simplify licensing, we’ve responded to community feedback and the compiled version of Mattermost v1.0 is now under the MIT open source license" (Emphasis mine)

Why just the compiled version?

Why is that depressing?

I guess the compiled version as MIT is to make it easier for people to deploy in enterprises that might have issues with AGPL, given that the consequences of MIT are easier to evaluate.

They also seem to use a hosted JIRA, but restrict some of the tickets from being viewed, and you need an account to file Jira's.

There is also no mention of it in the "getting involved" section, just a link to github issues

This is not how you do open source.

> This is not how you do open source.

Sure, maybe they should have never released this useful software at all. /S

Mattermost started, and is still developed AFAIK, as an internal app from a for-profit company, that they've generalized and started releasing to the community.[1]

Considering that they only just hit 1.0, maybe your tone is a bit harsh compared to their ever-so-slight mis-steps.

Let's be constructive.

1 http://www.mattermost.org/why-we-made-mattermost-an-open-sou...

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