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Why do I have to go to slack.com to learn what this is?

I clicked on this link, no explanation. I checked mattermost.org, no explanation. I went to slack.com, no explanation. Then I clicked on a "Product" link on top of the webpage. Finally some information what this actually is.

Even open source projects could benefit from a little bit of marketing.

Everyone saying "If you don't know what Slack is, they're not your target market".

Wrong. Slack has a target market. Mattermost should specify that market, along with its desire to be an open source Slack.

It's marketed as an "open source Slack clone". I suspect that if you don't know what Slack is, you aren't really the target market (at least for this version)

Did Apple market the iPhone as "a blackberry with a bigger screen"? No, and by not limiting themselves to an existing competitor's market, they kind of crushed them.

i beg to disagree. i'm in the market for notification, chat, etc. service for an internal application that doesn't have any cloud dependencies and we'd be most happy if it could stay this way. apparently this thing fits the bill at least in some capacity.

Agree about the Mattermost page, but the first thing I saw on Slack.com was "A messaging app for teams"

This x100

If you don't what Slack is you are not the target audience for this tool, and that's ok.

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