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R is a wonderful language if you chose to get used to it. I love it. I've even used R in production quality assurance to check for regressions in data (not the statistical regressions). I see countless R posts where people try to compare it to Python to find the one true language for working with data. Article after article, there clearly isn't a winner. People like R and Python for different reasons. I think it's actually quite intuitive to think about everything in terms of vectors with R. I like the functional aspects of R. I wish R was a bit faster but I am pretty sure the people who maintain R are working on that. You can't beat the enormous library that R has.

I also LOVE R. Plus the fact that Microsoft and other corporations are supporting R will help more and more. With Hadly Wickham's universe it is a great place to do all your work.

Yup. R is supported by MS, Oracle, IBM and others, and companies like Twitter and even the Python shop that is Google use it.

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