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If what you really want is a pretty web-based way to access IRC, then you might want to check out Glowing Bear -- it connects to your WeeChat IRC client via websockets and works nicely on the Desktop and on mobile. It doesn't have a voice recorder, but it gives you the infinite possibilities of a mature IRC client. It's a project I've been contributing to for a while now and I still absolutely love using it.

https://github.com/glowing-bear/glowing-bear https://latest.glowing-bear.org/

It also supports Matrix natively as well as IRC, which almost gives you best of both worlds :) http://matrix.org/blog/project/glowing-bear-weechat-plugin/

Yep! It can do whatever WeeChat can do. Tor, who made the Matrix script for WeeChat, is also one of the core developers of Glowing Bear :)

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