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I was getting redirected to http://www.forbes.com/forbes/welcome/ if I clicked the link on HN.

If I copy & paste the link to a new tab, then it worked for me.

>If I copy & paste the link to a new tab, then it worked for me.

It worked because you opened it the second time. First time you open it, it places a cookie on your machine so it doesn't show you a redirection second time you open a link on Forbes.

So the solution is to just open it in tabs twice... and close the first tab.

If I turn off Ghostery, the link loads for me.

They are probably trying to dissuade ad blocking. It might work better for them if they told you what was happening (instead of just sending you to a blank page).

Or, it just breaks in a way they didn't intend or know about. I've had both Ghostery and HTTPS Everywhere subtly break things, in cases where the author probably wouldn't bother to target those users. I guess we're kind of asking for it, running a client that doesn't comply with standards...

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