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DRM is protection of content from the consumer itself. The consumer is going to consume the data through an analogue channel. This channel will always be the source of extracting redistributable content. The very premise of DRM rules out any 100%-solution and sets it as obfuscation.

I feel it might be stupid idea but it is not impractical.

The effort of extracting content should be less than the maximum value that can be generated by redistribution. Thus, returns from piracy diminishes as you go from softwares to video to image to text. The effort of extracting an image is too easy via analogue hole. This is assuming an open technology ecosystem not exactly the RMS world but at least Linus or perhaps Mozilla. The enforcers of the DRM do the sensible thing of spreading their proprietary black boxes to as much people, until, they can shut down their doors to the rest of community. That is precisely when certain open source foundations too had to back down. That is how you can enjoy netflix only within your chrome browser.

What bothers me is why are they trying to make it into the standards. If it is built into the standards, it will be built into the downloaders as well. Remember what happened with HLS AES encryption, it is now built into the video downloaders itself. While I understand benefits of standardization, how it has given shape to tech, it might not be true with something so un-technical as DRM. If you do want obfuscation, at least do not make it standard procedure. You know very well that the strongest DRM can not be technically secure.

> The very premise of DRM rules out any 100%-solution and sets it as obfuscation.

> I feel it might be stupid idea but it is not impractical.

They are willing to fuck everything up to extract more royalties. Don't worry that you can't have a 100%-solution DRM now. When we get to the level of advanced optical implants or even brainchips, I'm willing to bet MAFIAA will be one of the biggest investors, in order to sneak in a DRM processor directly into your head and then force you to consume content only through legal and paid-for MAFIAA-certified brain chips.

That's increadibly cynical, but if cybernetics ever become a thing, I think it's painfully obvious what will happen.

Humanity is going to learn some very hard lessons if that class of technologies ever pans out.

I wish I could attribute it to just my cynicism. I'm not saying they will succeed, but I have no doubts they'll try very hard, like they do now with every single piece of technology. There are millions of marketers and executives whose only job is trying to figure out how to squeeze money out of something, burning any value in the process if necessary. I've worked with the types, they have a particular way of thinking that makes you blind to the fact you're fucking your customers - or the society - over. A kind of reverse reality distortion bubble, in which you believe the victims of your ideas are actually happy about them.

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