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One of my side projects is a photo water marking SaaS. I was surprised when people actually started paying for it years ago, as I figured, "there's a ton of watermarking apps out there". But it turns out there's a lot of demand from amateur and semi-pro photographers who believe, rightly or wrongly, that they're being ripped off (and want a simple way to watermark their photos). For pros, There are other services out there that actively scan the internet looking for infringers and send DMCA takedown, or similar, notices. These services are generally two pricey for the type of customers my side-project has.

I guess my point is - there is a pretty big demand to protect images online. I suspect DRM will end up being implement in some form or another.

Yeah, some amateur photograhers are silly like that (source: I know a few), they behave like little children - shoot some photos, put a big watermark on them to both show pride and make sure nobody "rips them off", and then get mightly annoyed anyway when somebody reposts their photo on Facebook without linking back, because they thought it was cool. Only few later realize that nobody really cares who made a photo (unless they're known to make more quality photos) - a work created has social value on its own, and holding it to yourself only because you're an author is actually little antisocial (also, if you don't fight, people tend to appreciate the work as a gift and will often happily attribute it to you themselves; but I digress).

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