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If you are a sci-fi fan, an interesting new trilogy to read is the Imperial Radch trilogy by Anne Leckie starting with Ancillary Justice.

One of the interesting themes is that everyone is surveilled totally and intimately down to even their feelings, but it's not the point of the book and the protagonist treats it as totally normal and it's never really discussed nor is there any suggestion it would be better if that wasn't the case.

I really enjoyed the trilogy but as someone who's pro-privacy it was a strange read.

In Jacek Dukaj's "Black Oceans", the portrayed world also has surveillance everywhere that is treated as normal. Moreover, it serves an important social function there - it facilitates insurance claims. If anything happens and it was registered on cameras, victims are determined and reimbursed properly. Conversely, you can opt out of the surveillance and e.g. have a camera-free zone in your home or conduct your meetings in such - but by doing so, you forefit the right to get insurance if anything happens to you while you're outside monitoring range.

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