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Who needs a job? We need "goods", and to obtain then we usually trade in part of our monetary income; but that does not need to come from a job.

I believe in "mincome" or "basic minimal income", as provided by a form of government to all citizens; to be paid for by tax money. This will be low, but enough to sustain yourself (simple shelter + food). If you want more then that you need to either find a job or walk a more entrepreneurial path and make a job.

The amount people receive as "mincome" will be an important number to control by politicians. It will have a strong effect on the then emerging "post-mincome unemployment rate". This would be all people that are looking to supplement their mincome, but currently have not found the means to do so.

I think a mincome-society will find a lot more people entrepeneuring: as a safety net is in place.

The "jobs" that the article speaks of are only going to be created if there is a strict need for them. A business will usually only create a job in last resort, as employing people costs money and brings risks.

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