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I'm so glad I grew up in an era where people's only concern was making things work AT ALL. Trying to make things work for licensed users only, or only for certain devices, or anything else is just bullshit.

A different way of looking at this is, we figured out how to make things work at all. Now people are trying to figure out how to get paid for the work they do on those cool new things.

Struggling to make sure you get paid is nothing new, either.

It's not struggling to make sure you get paid that's the problem - it's people fighting to get paid more, and people who starts expecting to get paid for things they weren't being paid before. Both of those problems, reluctance to accept that not everything you do will bring in monetary compensation, are greed that drives invention of things like DRM.

The only worse thing is people who notice something is cool and decide to come in and monetize it.

The choice I see they have is either stop doing it anymore, or enforce payment. Continuing to do it with out pay, whether they were originally paid or not is no longer viable.

I see they have a choice to not be greedy and bitch about lost sales. This actually earns respect from the consumers. You have to accept that you're not going to capture all the value you're creating.

EDIT: also, happy 2^11-day :).

You presume this "not being greedy" won't mean their going out of business. Look at newspaper journalism for an example of free redistribution of copyrighted content literally killing an industry's worth of companies.

Yet we still have newspapers, online and in print.

Yeah, and at this point it wouldn't hurt if they all just died - they provide negative utility to society by oscillating between mostly writing lies and clickbait bullshit.

(INB4 you reflexively downvote me for saying bad things about Respectable Newspapers, take a moment to think about the last time they wrote something in your area of expertise and note how big a mix of lies, bullshit and misunderstanding the article was. There is no reason to assume that everything else they cover is true.)

Journalism has a much bigger problem than just their business model being ruined by digitization. They need to figure out a business model that incentivizes actual, honest reporting.

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