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Somewhat ironic and paradoxical http://imgur.com/Z2BIMcw

Better: loaded over HTTPS with mixed content disabled https://imgur.com/DWaNlul It doesn't load anything over HTTP, and looks just fine in Reader mode.

And all the tracking cookies - http://s13.postimg.org/64047bamv/track.png

There are better options than to use Ghostery for the same reasons you don't want a private company having a say in your privacy ;)

Don't forget Privacy Badger

You can install an annoyance list that blocks those.

Isn't it more likely that they just load the ads over those "we noticed you're using an ad blocker..." placeholders, so if you block the ads you see the ad blocker message?

I don't know what you mean by more likely. The rule is "theatlantic.com##.blocker-message > .blackbox + .disable" from "Adblock Warning Removal List". It's a default list in uBlock Origin.

I guess it's a list that blocks similar things that are "under" ads and only show when you block ads. Soon, sites will just start adding more stuff to be revealed once you block those. It's an endless pit and no one has a solution.

>It's an endless pit and no one has a solution.

This needs a little bit of tweaking on a per-site basis, but works really well at blocking most things.

  */ Hide most everything that isn't the content. /*
  :not(.main-content) { 
    display: none !important; 
  .main-content > * { 
    display: block !important;
Combined with bookmarklets to disable CSS and strip images: http://pastebin.com/etLwqx5A

I can read content more or less marketing/fluff free. I then add several styles to make things a bit more legible (font size, a specific font I prefer, body width 85%, line height, and less-contrasting colors).

When I have some spare time on a future weekend I plan to find a way to combine all of them into a single Firefox add-on or a one-click-to-do-everything bookmarklet.

Isn't this basically Readability mode in Safari?

Doesn't work on WSJ and similar sites that require a Google UTF to read. I also have a bit more authority and control over things than the limited options of Readability.

(Readability was built into Safari 5 but is a standalone bookmarklet/add-on as well. Was actually a big inspiration for me fixing things how I want them.)

Disable JS. I mapped it to a hotkey when I "need" it (using surf/webkit). Makes the web great again.

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