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For boys growing up in the 60's and 70's, a lot of time and effort was spent trying to get hold of a Playboy or even just a few pages. Imagine a whole neighborhood of boys playing "ditch 'em" (a wide-ranging and violent version of hide 'n' go seek) wherein the "seekers" would while away the countdown time by gathering at one player's house to peruse his dad's magazine collection--and manage to put it back EXACTLY as it was found lest the treasure trove be locked away. Imagine a middle school music class where an ancient radiator vent in the back of the room was known as a reliable drop point for a stash of pictures, necessarily folded and ripped from being alternately jammed into and removed from the hiding place. Oh well, what we were looking for (and so much more) is blase now. Times do change.

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