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> people 15 to 29 years old are at least twice as likely as adults to be unemployed.

Today I learned that 28-year-olds aren't adults.

I'm curious if that sentence is itself an explanation for the perception that a 28 year old might not be an adult.

In other words, at least in American culture, adulthood is strongly tied with stable employment. If the 15 - 29 age bracket in general does not enjoy stable employment, that could itself be responsible for creating the perception that members of this bracket are not adults.

Adulthood is also tied with marriage, home ownership, car ownership, child-rearing, etc... these things have been pushed back a decade or so as a result of too little money.

By the standards of the 1950s, the 20-somethings of today aren't adults. That has sociological twists to it as well, of course-- but primarily economic. I suspect that people aren't actively avoiding having a house, car, wedding, or children, so much as adjusting their wants to be more in line with what is realistic-- choosing one or half of one of the above listed items.

> Adulthood is also tied with marriage, home ownership, car ownership, child-rearing

No. Just no.

Those are things which some adults do, that does not mean you aren't an adult if you don't do them.

Is a 40-year-old with a successful career who just never got married not an adult?

Stop insulting and marginalizing people.

Just reiterating the state of the status quo's expectations-- they happen to be tied to useful and measurable economic activities.

I fully believe you can be an adult without any of the above.

Nowhere near the majority of 20-somethings are unemployed. Language like this is just yet another attempt to marginalized and put down young people.

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